Monday, July 14, 2014

Different Directions

Alright, I'll just spew it out. I haven't been able to decide what to blog about. My head is void of ideas  because it's busy. It's busy busying itself. And thus, has busied itself to fatigue. 

Let me brag a moment about an awesome trait God gave me: creativity. I'm an idea monger. I go to sleep thinking about new subjects, techniques or color strategies. I enjoy new ventures--the thrill of feeling both challenged quite confident--when facing a new project, style or task in my artistic realm. I paint a new doodle and excitedly post it to Instagram. I get a new client and I'll tell my husband about their every request. I land a new project and I'm sketching away. I'm proposed a new pitch by my agent and I'm scouring the illustration trends online. 

Isn't that great about me? 

But here's its underbelly, (you knew it was coming): I've got my mind going in so many different directions that I don't know what to do next. Here's where it gets worse: I can see myself enjoying so many different routes in the arts that I don't know where I'm going. 

I paint cute flowers and pretty ones. 

I paint portraits and cartoons. 

I design logos and deconstruct them. 

I'll render a kitschy home or a detailed building. 

I'll take scripture and exploit the words through typography or through imagery.

Sometimes illustration, sometimes fine art, and sometimes design?! It's confusing. It doesn't make it easy to answer the common "what do you do?" question, I can tell you that! And this is coming from someone who seriously doubts in a person's competency when they spout out several careers as a response to that question. Kinda embarrassing. (That and using "kinda" while aiming to be taken seriously.)

I do recognize however--and am very grateful for--two common denominators: I have a definite style. And I paint. (Even with the logo's I do here and there.)

But where does that leave me? I have the desire to approach galleries put together some series of paintings, experiment with finishing and presentation.... AND I want to pump out a ton of delightful illustrations for a robust commercial portfolio. 

{I'm excluding some other ruminating ideas for the sake of simplicity here. Many quite solid ones I might add.}

So I'm mentally and emotionally tired. And not feeling too motivated to blog. And I'm on vacation with family. None terribly inspiring. 

I HAVE been painting, though! So there's that. 

Keep painting + being honest.