Monday, July 7, 2014

Fighting the Boulder

This one's still in progress, but it seemed fitting for today.
Our family is fighting the biggest deterrent from folks moving forward in adopting: finances. A third of Americans consider adoption, and 79% of them are deterred by the financial burden. Only 2% of that third do adopt. 

We're not letting that get in the way. And no, we're not pulling ourselves up by our boot straps... we tried that and are now savings-less (or -free :) ) ! We are pulling together with others who don't want money signs to be what stands in the way between a little life and what's in our hearts. 

We did not set out on this adoption journey with plans of raising support. We thought we were through with that! But it seems that God likes us dependent on Him and linking together with others. 

If you'd like to join us on our adventure for two-year-old Silas, now is a great time! We are needing to raise $3,000 dollars in about three days. The best part is that we have a matching grant that can double your donation

Consider it. And let's show this number hurdle that it's no match for  a group of strong-willed hearts!

Click here to find out more:!june2014-letter/co5j

And thank you.
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