Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hand-Painted Housewares

The hardest part was finding worthy white dishes. I had originally wanted to do small plates, little dishes handy for hosting. But the downer was that you can't eat off of the paint! For a buck a pop, (much to my surprise) I'd work around this little hiccup.

So, something that didn't require direct food or mouth contact, I went with these options from Tuesday Morning. 

I followed the instructions here. And took a stab at it. Take me bit of experience as your own, here are my tips:

  1. Keep the design simple. I chose three colors though I am not usually able to limit my watercolor palate. Chic and simple is a great rule of thumb for housewares (and new tries)!
  2. I wish I would have used different brush sizes to keep it interesting, particularly a small delicate one. I was afraid that the brush might be ruined or difficult to wash, but washing was a cinch.
  3. Let it air dry a few hours before baking to set it. 
  4. Work on multiples at a time. It'll keep you from stressing and tinkering a piece into obliteration. 
  5. Gift delivery: presentation! No matter how it turns out, a little presentation goes a long way. I gifted the bottle with matching white flowers inside. It brought the piece to life and gave it presence. 

Keep painting anything around you!