Friday, July 25, 2014

Mama's Goin' Gaga

We've had a few pretty great days lately. My big boy turned four on Wednesday, all while his little brother's caretakers were preparing an update for us to receive the next day.

I'll have to blog about all of the fourth birthday festivities, but it's catch up day around here, which makes for a quick and very proud post with our new picture!

We read that is his growth and health are very normal. He seems to have a little host spirit, as he is quick to greet and drag people chairs. He also has a mischievous side--which I'm very grateful for because I had hoped that he'd keep his fighting spirit! He's got a little buddy he's close to at the orphanage too. 

We're all very excited to see him so very soon! (September/October)

Another praise is that the $5.6K orphanage fee due next month will be covered by grants! Thank you, God!!!

The next financial hurdles will be travel-related. All in His timing. 

{Happy Friday dance}