Wednesday, August 20, 2014

All of God's Promises

There's something about making café con leche on the stove that makes me think of my grandmother. She could make you instant Nescafe on that stove and you'd be none the wiser. Aside from that high honor (in most Puerto Ricans' eyes), few good things can be said about a person that weren't true of Abuela Lucy. She forgave, she was patient, she was wise. She loved the Lord above all else, above herself. 

I remember bragging to my cousin on my father's side who was coming to stay at her house with me, saying that "even if you break something, she won't yell at you! She'll just hum while she goes to get the broom." I remember her sending me off to bed with a  cup of coffee and an old Reader's Digest, and I remember telling her my secrets when I couldn't fall asleep. She had few things that I thought of as fancy, yet she had such pride in the smallest momentos--old photos, dusty teacups, dresses she wore on few occasions--each had a story that she was eager to tell. 

And of course there's the story of her Savior. She'd often call Him her Jesus. And because of her Jesus, all of God's promises are true, are fulfilled, are yes! Yes, she walks in eternity! Yes, the mansions she looked forward to are before her! Yes, she is near her Jesus.

She may have not seen the fulfillment of some of God's promises while wearing her old, flawed eyes, but her eyes now see every single promise as yes! 

I would have liked to have spoiled her a bit more while she was on earth--she loved flowers, beautiful trinkets, and surprise phone calls--but I am grateful that she has everything she's ever wanted now.

Missing Abuela,