Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Great News! Bummer News.

If you follow this blog, you know that it's suppose to be a "watercolor devo Wednesday." But too much has happened in the last two days. 

Last I left you on Monday: wrote about how things are going swimmingly.

Monday evening: Received news of Travel Approval! WOAH!!!

To say we are excited is an understatement. We're beside ourselves. We don't know what to do with ourselves. Lists of a million tasks run through my mind, but I can't even think of one. Yep, I'm in shock!
Um, hello, did you not see this coming for the past two years?! I guess not. The longer the wait, the less it seemed like our travel loomed. Does that make any sense at all?!
So.... we're GOING!!!! What is looking like our Gotcha Day is September 14th! I had sheepishly asked God for a birthday gift, and it's pretty darn close! (Actually, we may leave right on the 10th. Wow.)

Tuesday (yesterday): Selected rough dates along with our agency for September 12. 
I'm on a total high. I bounce from being excited to exhausted. I can only think of that day.

This morning: Received news that the consulate chose a much later appointment, October 22

This evening: We are calling the consulate to ask them to reconsider the other FOUR earlier dates our agency had requested.

Would you pray for this phone call? We obviously want the soonest date possible, but after all that we have seen throughout the process, we've got to trust God's timing.

Some perspective to help you as you pray:

  • You might be thinking... But I thought you would be good to go with Travel Approval? Yes, we are good to go, but this appointment allows little Silas to come back with us. It's the last stop in wrapping up the adoption before heading home.
  • An added bummer about this late October date is that we would be paying $50 extra per night for our hotel stays as there's a Trade Show going on there then.
  • The Consulate's availability has already been a sting on our travel plans as they have closures surrounding a big holiday, the Midautumn Festival on September 6-8.
  • Many, many families face a similar (but much graver) scenario--where their adoption has been approved with nothing more to be done--but have not been able to finalize the trip or customs clearance. Do a quick web search with "Stuck" to see what I mean. In light of their circumstances, we are considered fortunate that our delay is of only six weeks. The documentary by the same name is worth watching. It's on Netflix, too.
The roller coaster's not over, but we can taste the big day! We are still very excited!