Monday, August 11, 2014


Mom brought me some old college work when she last visited. I had been requested a botanical Christmas card design and remembered a few botanicals from back-in-the-day that were laying around. I knew that I had grown and changed much as a painter, but I found the difference surprisingly striking. 

Some might say my work has gotten better, some may prefer the more detailed renderings of flowers. I find the old work pretty boring! I've really come to appreciate abstraction and boldness over accuracy. I enjoy looking at that kind of work, and I enjoy painting it.

I didn't much enjoy the final piece for the Christmas card illustration. I was so consumed with values and minute details that it took the life out of me.

Which approach do you prefer?

I think that how much you enjoy what you do shows in your artwork. If that's true, the best one here is the Purple Coneflowers on the upper right. {See more of it in this post.}

Want to do the extra credit research? See other flowers I painted within the last year in the Studying Flowers post or in the very loose flowers here.

Keep painting,