Friday, August 15, 2014

When Will You Go?

I don't expect you to understand what's written in this picture. CCAI is our adoption agency, CCWA is the Chinese adoption board so to speak, USC is the consulate, TA is shorthand for travel assignment. 

Still doesn't make sense? Really, this is just a visual of how events need to take place in succession--in this case only two!--and the trickle effect of how each added date range broadens the "Gotcha Day" possibilities. Projecting a travel date so difficult to do. I get it now. 

In the past, I've taken the rose-colored glasses approach. Though I may not be a natural optimist, I've tried to stay hopeful with each projection. (I also can barely handle the math involved in adding up different projections!) I've been taking the "best case scenario" of each range, adding them up, and by that count, we'd now be on the cusp of celebrating six months all together as a family! But if you've followed this blog at all, you know that that hasn't been the case. 

Yet again, had I taken the "worst case scenario" approach, adding up the last dates of the ranges and throwing in every adoption horror story I've heard... we'd be waiting at least two more years if not more!

So really, I guess I wasn't terribly far off. In a matter of speaking.

Every celebration that passes by is a reminder of my wonky math and unrealistic hopes. All of our birthdays will have passed by the "quick end" of the travel date range. 

But I'm always up for a belated birthday gift. 

Especially an extremely precious one.

So when will we travel? Between mid-September and early October! My mind can handle a 25-day difference. 

Keep hoping, 

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