Monday, September 15, 2014

It's Gotcha Day!!!

It's a beautiful day, it's an exhausting day, it's OUR day. We've been anticipating this day for years. We simply can't wait to meet you, Silas, to be able to hold you! 

How I've run towards this day! Much of my stressing throughout this process has been because there are no guarantees. Some glitch, some government officer, some political move or some complication could get in the way of this day actually happening. That fear has played itself out in many ways. I'd worry that I wasn't trusting God enough, that my prayers weren't the holy "in your timing" kind--instead they were of a repetitive "as soon as possible" nature. 

But towards the end, I just came to the point where I said to God, 
"I know I'm not trusting you enough, I know I want this to happen today, and maybe that shows my lack of faith but... how could I not want that?! I'm a mom with a son as far away as he could be. You've given me this heart for him. So I'm going to keep praying this way. How could I not?"
I know the Lord has walked us through this daunting process; daunting because our hearts were wrapped up in it and we had little control over what the next step entailed. He has opened our hearts for orphans in a way that my 5-years-younger-self could not comprehend. 

We're starting a new chapter now! In five more years, I'll likely chuckle at these things I've written. Bring it.

Want to get a peek into what this day might be like for us? Watch our agency's video called, Gotcha Day.