Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mission Recover for Travel

The artwork on the left is available for licensing through Advocate Art.

I'm being faced with the most difficult task in getting my son home.

It may come as no surprise to you, but I've discovered that these few days before our departure have required of me a super hard to-do: the DON'T DO. I'm sick. I went to the ER one morning at 5am and laid after tests for strep and pneumonia. The final word: it's viral. We can't give you anything. It'll work itself out. Go home and get some rest. The following day I drove up an hour and a half to pick up my mom from the airport so that I could do just that--rest

That. Is. So. Hard.  

Don't get me wrong, I love to sleep! But not now! I want to pack! I want to run around! I want to make some phone calls! Of course, I've had to do some of those things--with my opening line being, "hello, I'm sick..."--but today my #1 priority is recovery. 

I realize that my efforts of drinking pure peppermint tea, ginger root tea, swallowing buckwheat honey, drinking berry smoothies, inhaling mint vapors, hot showers, rest, eating miso soup with tofu, and guzzling vitamin C is only a start. God's gotta heal me. And I believe he will.

I'm calling it #missionrecoverfortravel on Instagram

Pray for this mission. I don't want to be sick on our 15 hour flight and I certainly don't want to make anyone else sick. I don't wish this cough on anyone!

Never a dull moment!