Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rybor Day Weekend

We're sun-kissed, tired, and suddenly grappling with getting into a back to school schedule. Sounds like the end of Rybor Day Weekend! {My hubby, Ryan, has a birthday that usually falls on Labor Day weekend. But you probably already put that together...} Here's a quick recap!

We packed our bags and left the house like this...

We did our usual boating thing on Papa's boat--tubing, cuddly selfies, a little eating out (or pizza in... or on?)

Ryan and I spent the night here. Check out this beautiful cottage! We had a hookup through the realtor :)

And after some delicious brunch, took a quick nap with Ezzie boy.

Then it was time to head out to the sandy spot Ry had been wanting to spend some time on. 

Little one wanted to play with his brand new sailboat. They got very wet...

And plenty sandy.

Dinner included some quick exploring through Wabasaha.

And some Jeremiah Weed Lemonade for the birthday boy.

Full tummies and birthday smiles...

And back to the boat for a slightly chilly ride back 
(which naturally called for more cuddles).

Hope you had a great Rybor Day Weekend!