Thursday, September 11, 2014

What Big Brother Says

We three--including big brother Ez--will be traveling today to Beijing. {Wow. I'm squealing inside! Packing for both of the boys was a wonderful reality hit.} People often ask us what he thinks about his soon-coming little brother. 

We've been talking about Silas with him since we were matched over a year ago July 3rd, 2013. Actually, Ezra was part of the input in the conversation as we were virtually introduced to Silas. To this point, we had been talking about a coming "mei mei", or little sister, but once Ezra was proposed a hypothetical choice, he went for a "di di" little brother

Since then, he's been talking about his "little brother in China." It was very sweet. He seemed proud. But as the months passed on, we started wondering if he thought his little brother was more of an imaginary friend than a coming reality. We explained to him how we needed to get permission from LOTS of people in order to go get him.

Lately, I think that the reality of Silas is starting to hit home. He's been a bit more hyperactive than usual and though he seems unaware of the hoopla, he repeats things he's heard sometimes. As you can see from the video, he still has some misconceptions that he can't let go. He believes Silas is super little. When he speaks of Silas, it's in a sweet protective way... bordering on patronizing. "I'll have to show him everything." "Silas is going to be scared." "He needs a rug that soft in our room." (Because he'll be crawling?)

In three days he'll meet the true Silas along with us! He's very much looking forward to being a big brother and having a playmate around. I pray that his little heart will adapt well to sharing his mommy and daddy as well. 

Here we go!