Monday, September 8, 2014

YAY! For Friday!

We're going!!! Friday! As in THIS FRIDAY. 

The Consulate confirmed the appointment, we booked tickets, we poured over an itinerary of what to expect on our trip, we booked hotels, now on to packing and leaving certain things on auto-pilot while we're off on our long trip!

Other than my getting strep throat, that's all the highlights from this weekend! (Seriously though, what's up with that?)

Thursday was the day it all came together. It was horrifically busy. 

  • It was our son's first day back at preschool. You know the drill--mom's more excited than kiddo, trying to remember all the details to pack.
  • We got the email that all was set to go! YAY!
  • I got my hair done but had to rush out without them finishing to pick up E for lunch. 
  • Crying, McDonald's, daddy swap off while I run to get his "morning" dosage of amoxicillin.
  • Take E back to school for Spanish elective.
  • Tried to check tickets at Panera. Their internet went down on me.
  • Run back home.
  • Pick up son.
  • Naptime, more coffee, bewilderment.
  • Set alarm [to wrong time] for conference call with adoption travel group. Arrange PaPa-sitting so that we could do the call.
  • Completely miss the meeting.
  • Dinner 

It was like a traffic jam of thoughts and emotions in my head. All day. My blood was rushing, but my brain felt foggy. 

Now, though, after a full day of sick-resting... I'm in a strange and oddly practical mode of calmly getting things done when I suspect I should be freaking out about all the things on my to-do list. 

It's going to be a wild week! No, make that wild few weeks. No, month(s)...(?) Who knows what's in store. But we welcome it.

Thank you for following the journey,