Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rising Poppies

I sit here while hearing my son softly sing "I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back." There's something so beautiful about that stern line in the sand and moving forward. And I absolutely agree that that sort of resolve is crucial to our walk with Jesus. 

But life often gets too messy for simple resolutions. We get weary. We are unstable. And our walk becomes more of a dance chart with a few steps forward, to the side, back and around again. 

But a dance is also constantly moving forward. 

That's where the strength of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit come into play on a daily basis. I often start off my paintings with watery, downward strokes. They are the recognition that color and light and power to grow (or just stay standing) come from above. 

I'm finding that my watercolor devo's are more and more abstracted and often look like paintings of things. The things are simply subjects while I focus. Have you noticed how flowers often grow out of the most bland or ugly places? These flowers are rising from sinking waters. Some even have tears to shed. But they are still just as beautiful... and they are still standing. And you know what? Without even knowing it, they're growing, too. Ever slowly, perhaps even bent and imperfect, but the work of the growth is perfect.

I think of this song, I Will Rise by Chris Tomlin:

I'm sure that the perfect work of Christ didn't look stick straight and simple to His followers. But it was perfect. His feet stood in the darkest, dirtiest places. He walked in the mess of life. 

We, too, will rise. 

I will rise dancing. I may do a little cha-cha and step to the side, but I'll keep moving forward. My imperfection for His perfect work quietly stirring in me. 

Keep dancing, 

PS- By the time I finished typing the first sentence, my son had moved on to repeatedly throwing himself on the bed instead.