Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Rush, rush, rush. Stuff to do, bills to pay, groceries to be bought... We live in the little things. I hate the little things. (Remember Bush use to have a song named just that? Or better asked, remember the band Bush?)

Living in the little things makes us so very not heavenly minded. Call me biased, but I think that we moms are particularly at danger of this. Men were made to lead, to carry on about big tasks, big plans; and though women are not at all limited in accomplishing great things, we're often better at thinking through the details. Who are you going to call when you can't find your keys, when Susie's recital may conflict with dinner with the grandparents and when your tummy hurts? And so, mom's list gets longer. It's full of the minutia that makes the world go round. 

Mom or not, we fall prey to worrying about our to-do's, the next steps, the details... and we lose sight of something bigger. 

I can read through this blog and remember times when I was so focused on that next paper that needed to be submitted for the adoption, that its minor delay would make me completely lose perspective that God might just be orchestrating something better. Or that we are talking about this great big deal of adoption in the first place!

Whatever you're up to today, stop. Remember what you're doing it for. Remember the God who put you there and awe and wonder. Zoom out and see His hand. Set your mind on things above as you keep doing those little things.

It's a great Wednesday exercise.

Keep re-framing and remembering what matters,