Saturday, October 11, 2014


Before going to get him, we thought that a two-and-a-half year old would grow out of a highchair too soon to bother buying. After one day with him, I was thisclose to crying uncle to family in the States to have the chair ready upon our return! Next thing you know, my dreams came true: big (four year old) brother wants a highchair too! I'm only happy to oblige. I can't help but think about all of the surprises we've had in this first month as an adoptive family.

Little brother loves sleeping in his bed. Big brother still wants to sleep with us. 

He's much heavier than we thought he'd be.

We thought we'd be eager to hold him all the time and bond, but we're finding it taxing to hold a boy who's both emotionally in need and relentlessly active. 

He loves his shoes like a security blanket.

He fights back when big brother gets on his nerves. 

He was quick to call us mom and dad... same went for any billboard model.

He doesn't hoard/hide food, he stuffs coins in his pockets instead. (Are we preparing to hitchhike and run away?)

In all this, the good surprises have outweighed the not-so-easy ones. We communicate with him quite well. He's a lot more outgoing. He seems to be attaching to us extremely well, as if he had been longing for and waiting for us. He sometimes seems homesick, but the times are predictable and (so far) manageable.

Surprises that are all pretty predictable. 

He bites! Well, he did have to fend for himself against his peers for so long...

He lays awake in bed! He probably learned to not call for help after a few useless pleas...

He doesn't like cheese or sweets! Hello, let's think about the average Chinese cuisine...

Every day holds surprises. But we get to add them to our bits of experience thus far as we paint a better picture of the little boy we {finally} hold in our arms and where he's coming from.

Keep learning,