Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Be Still My Soul

Anybody else having a tough time being still? I just want to... you know... DO STUFF. Somehow that sounds more appealing than having some quiet time. How about some getter-done time?! A free moment in my world translates into a vast variety of tasks I should tackle.

That reminds me, I need to pay some bills.

Ugh. Icky task. I better check one of my social media accounts for a quick smile before doing that. And after. But what will really make me happiest is to paint. Yeah, let's just paint a little something. 


Did I just say that painting is what will make me happiest? Isn't that what I should be saying about my time with God? That's what truly satisfies. 

At least that's what I say.

But I have to preach it to myself, taste it for myself absolutely every day.

What is competing for your attention today? Is time reading, praying, focusing being stolen by, say, sleep? 

I hear you, brother. I hear you, sister. But don't stop there. The Christian life is a fight fought in our hearts for our hearts. 

Keep fighting,