Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Brilla! {Shine!} ...In the Small Things

This piece can be made available as an 8x10.

This is one of my favorite Spanish hymns--Brilla en el Sitio Donde Estés--translated literally to "Shine in the Place Where You Are." I'd translate it as "shine right where you are." I love that hymn. Sadly, though, if you hear me singing it, watch out! Everyone in our house knows that if momma's singing this song, it's not good news.

It means I'm tired.

It means I'm washing dishes, scraping the remnants of another unsavory dinner off the floor or picking up the endless collection of cars.

It means that I've lost sight of the heart of homemaking, of molding little lives and savoring their intrinsic specialness. 

And I'm desperately trying to muster up a servant heart. 

Got one of those hymns? 

This one starts out with "don't wait for the moment of a grand act [of service] where you'll let your light be splendor, give life to the small actions of attention, shine in the place where you are!"

Um, relevant, much?

Last night was just one of those nights. {Lately there are more of them than not.} And I had to remember. 

Little acts matter. Attention matters. We like to think of grand things we're going to do with our lives, when often they are a collection of a multitude of little ones. 

This piece is available as an 11x15

It's Wednesday, there's still plenty of time to give those little acts some juice. Albeit while singing hymns that preach to your soul.

Keep painting,