Friday, November 28, 2014

Mug Crazy

I have been driving myself kind of bananas over these mugs. The good news is that I'm not the only one that's bananas about them! I had alluded in the studio tour post to the new machinery/gadgets I had recently purchased for our latest endeavor. And this is it!

Mugs are so cozy and so comforting, so practical and (can be) so beautiful! They make easy, surefire gifts--though in all honesty, I most often buy them for myself! Our good friends in China gave us mugs with tags they wrote saying, "Enjoy God, enjoy coffee." It was quaint and cute.

Actually, in China, the gift of a cup or mug carries with it the meaning that the friendship is for life. The word "cup" (used also for mugs or teacups) beizi sounds like the word "a lifetime." So the recipient is assured that their memory is held for a lifetime.

Of course, the Chinese are also terribly practical in their gift-giving. And who doesn't want to give something that will be used. Daily.

I attended a women's conference where we each of us as to bring a mug to give one of the women there. We would write our name on the bottom and place it on a table filled with mugs for any takers. Whichever mug you chose would tell you which person to pray for over the year. We then sought each other out, holding on to our newfound mug, and chatted to get to know our new prayer partner.

Who knew I could rant about mugs for so long?! I'm sure I could come up with more stories to drive you to click away from this post! Suffices to say that we--my printman husband and I--have found a nice niche of an item we enjoy creating and giving.

If you'd like to purchase a hand-printed mug--each done one at a time with care--hop on over to my shop to order either one or a few.

Happy Small Business Saturday!