Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Seize My Day

Finding yourself in a spot you didn't paint yourself into? Feeling inadequate for what's on your plate? Feeling like the thin veneer you had of control and put-togetherness is schlopping off? 

Every once in a while you realize that carpe diem means squat. Every once in a while you see that we are in the hands of a (thankfully merciful yet) sovereign God. How about we invite Him to just go ahead and seize our day. Take charge of my to-do list, who I meet, how I spend my time and what I focus on today. 

Or how about "I surrender all," or maybe the term, "Jesus, take the wheel," rings truer in your ears. I ain't country folk but that sounds mildly familiar! Whatever floats your boat.

Our big God is always up for taking on big boulders and big goals--things we can't accomplish on our own without a heck of a lot of serendipity! He loves a challenge and puts us in the middle of them. He waits for us to cry out like little children, seeking the big, strong arms of a loving father. 

Let's seize this day! {By giving it to Him.}

Keep painting,