Friday, November 14, 2014

[This] Artist's Studio

Curious to see where I paint my artwork? Welcome! 

Welcome to my studio. I just love how snobby that sounds. Honestly, around here I like to call it the office so that my husband isn't left out... though he calls it mommy's office. My oldest calls it mommy's room. But really, it's an artist studio. I heart its pretty hardwood floors and bright, morning sunlight. (This photo was taken in the afternoon.)

I'll admit that I don't like to look at other artists' workspaces. I will inevitably be lead to envy. These spaces are made to beg for creativity to fill them. Who wouldn't love more flat files, big windows, bookcases and art supplies?! Or sometimes I want the opposite when I see a very minimal, clean space that invites you to create with its soothing, chic voice. Whichever way you lean towards in your covetousness, I do not want to put that on you. It's not my intent to make other people feel lesser-than. There's enough of that on the interwebs for crying out loud.

So I'll offer a few disclosures. Maybe these will help us all keep things in perspective.
  • This studio is a revision of various ones before it. I've called a two-foot round table my workspace, as I have a sliding door closet, a guest bedroom, a junk room, a corner of our [then] dining room, a wall of my [then] bedroom, and many-a-random table. We all adapt and just want to create—whatever the décor or environment.
  • Secondly, I rearrange my studio every season. Why? Neat artsy person trick? No. I just get bored. Or I follow the light and want my desk to face different directions. Or I need more table space... or less table space. So what you see here today is just what it looks like today.
  • I never feel like my studio is how I want it. But it's still my favorite.
  • Any room that's been cleaned is at the very least halfway to fabulous. I dare you to spend a few hours (as I have) tidying up and organizing your space. It will delight you.
  • At any given moment it is littered with race cars, disheveled by my loving hubby who needed to quickly make a fancy paper airplane fashioned with glue and exacto knives or its entry becomes dumping grounds for “this needs to go in the attic”-type stuff. Groan.
  • Were my painting limited to only a hobby, this space would not be entirely warranted or granted to me by the house-planning committee (of which I'm half of). But since I do work here, it's necessary to have a place that I can hide at—err I mean, get away to focus!
  • Photos make a room look more spacious than it really is.

Of course I am proud of my space. And I am so grateful to have a space. In my eyes it is gorgeous. Particularly in the morning when the sun is hitting every window... as it bounces off the Minnesota snow. 

Here's my painting desk! It's from Ikea--something you'll hear me say often around here--and it attaches to that bookcase. I had wanted the bookcase to be a divider between my work station and a quaint quiet time nook against the window, but lighting largely dictates how I arrange (and rearrange) the room.

As always, a work in progress. This shelf on the left is new and I'd love to paint it that aqua color you see in the card that sits on it. 

I get lots of questions about my case there on the wall. It is an old typesetter's drawer! I sprayed it white several times and my Dr. Ph. Martin's watercolors fit perrrrrfectly in there. There's actually just enough nooks for each one I have! {Exciting moments in my life!}

I also have a few Ecoline watercolors and some Dr. Ph. Martin Bombay inks. I don't use these two very much. I don't like how it's difficult to layer inks with their glossy finish. 

Ah, my nook of go-to watercolors just to my right. I can't count how many times I've been asked what brand of watercolors I use. Nope, not those Marie's on the right--actually, I have very few good things to say about those--my faves are my Mijello Mission Gold. They're in the palettes above and the boxes below. 

To my right are my printer and my flat files (drawers) with stacks of work. I'm both embarrassed by my drawer-full's as I am proud of them. I mean, is this what I create for? To hide them? You'll find some really bad work and some very nice work hidden away in there, all sitting peacefully without any complexes or ego's. Some day I'll hire a girl who loves to frame and handle those little things. 

To the left of that is the "utility desk." I always have some other thing I'm working on that doesn't fit on a nice little sheet of watercolor paper. Sometimes it's a big piece, sometimes it's the framing or finishing of a piece. Half of the time I break this table down and paint on the floor. 

Can you guess what my new project is?

Here's my cutting and framing station. I've found it so helpful to have a place to always go to as I trim and package orders. Fulfilling orders takes more time than you'd think. Having organized supplies and a go-to area is big. I love that the table is nice 'n high for slicing. 

Last (and pretty much least) is my paperwork table. All those little things and project ideas and adoption paperwork and... humbug. {Oh, and that wreath is a DIY post in progress. Shhh.}

Before you ask, no, I did not paint that tablecloth. Though I am happy to see that you are in tune with my painting and decorating style. Actually, it's a shower curtain from Ikea (again) that's hiding one very ugly garage sale find.

That's it! Buh-bye! Can you see why I ask my husband if I can go and hide here? I hope to post an update on my studio's evolution with a little consult area someday. But... I usually arrange meetings at coffeeshops where I can expense my delicious addiction. 

Have a great weekend and for heaven's sake...

Keep painting,