Friday, November 7, 2014

What Is a Watercolor Devo?

Label my naiveté "off the charts" but I didn't know about the sea of artisans creatively rendering Christian Bible verses at the time I started to paint and write them. We were in our little expat bubble at the time, living in China and disconnected from Western culture. I honestly read the Bible and thought that the vibrant words needed to look as life-giving as they were. As I started to re-write the words in my quickest mediums--watercolor and ink--I felt the awesome benefit of meditating in the Word; my hope was that these truths would seep into my heart as the paint seeped into paper.

And so it started: my devotional times often including bit of time with my art supplies, simmering on something beautiful.

I admit that it didn't strike me as an original idea (even with my cluelessness). I had thought of painting as part of my worship, but I often felt guilty about it. I would become so enthralled with the desire to create something amazing--a "something" that was very well defined in my mind--that I'd completely lose sight of the point of the exercise. This time though, after the birth of my firstborn, I had shed my hopes of a breath-taking, finished piece. (Actually, I planned to not show these works to anyone. They were only an extension of my prayer journal.) I was freed to create work that was just an enjoyable exercise, painting for the joy of it. 

What these times often boiled down to was remembering who I was. My desperate hunger for intimacy with God and remembering what my foremost title was--not of mother or wife or profession, but rather worshipper, added to my necessity for it. I felt the threat of going crazy without these watercolor devo times. 

I loved doing it. And I wondered if others refrained on bringing their creativity into their quiet times. Perhaps they held some sort of religiosity like I did--thinking devotional times should be solemn, and, well, boring. Or maybe those who are not so inclined to paint might benefit from seeing the words of Scripture in colorful array. Perhaps these pictures would help them see something they hadn't seen before. So I started sharing them on Facebook.

Intimacy with God + Meditating while painting + Getting in touch with what's going on in my heart

I use to do a lot more painted verses. Recently, though, I find myself doing watery abstracts. They keep me from worrying about a subject and focusing on a larger theme.

Wednesdays on this blog are for watercolor devo's. I post about my illustration work (watercolor), adoption, painting tips (painting), DIY's, shop updates and personal journal posts on other days. 

I heart variety. I hope this provides some clarity. No matter what, you'll see watercolorful art accompany my blog posts.

Hit the tabs, you'll get the gist. 

Keep painting!