Monday, December 1, 2014

An Advent Calendar With a Tibetan Twist


Can you believe it's advent season?! Time to hang up the advent calendar! 

I was asked to design this puppy for a great company called Care Channels. Their mission is to provide work for low-income and disabled families and take them "from dependency to dignity" by training them to do hand-cut paper crafts for resale. These folks depend on this work as their disability impairs them from working most Chinese mainstream jobs. In China, there is no government help for the disabled. You can view their products via their blog, and they're also involved with Shop for Social

My task was to design and illustrate an advent calendar with a Tibetan theme for Chinese workers to be able to embellish with their punch die-cuts. Each window has a "hinge" of gold paper along with some other details surrounding the top and bottom text which reads, "Jesus has come, let the earth be glad!" in Tibetan and English. The window numbers are scrambled to make it more fun for children to search and discover what they'll learn today as they progress through the Christmas story.

This and other Christmas exclusives are now on sale in

I only have three for sale in my shop. Want to plan for next year? I'll forward any bulk order requests. Your purchases are purposeful in empowering those who can truly benefit from a thriving micro-business.

How are you receiving December first? Yesterday I thought I was ahead of my Christmas shopping; today, I feel like I'm totally behind! Maybe everyone will just get a mug from me! {That wouldn't be so terrible, would it?}

Merry December!