Wednesday, December 24, 2014

An Artful Look at the Nativity

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope that a Christmas tradition of yours is to read the Biblical telling of the birth of Christ. Read Luke 2. Read it slowly. Think about what it would have been like. Read it as a young mother. Read it as a nervous, sudden dad. Read it as a hillbilly shepherd. Read it as a learned magi. Read it as a suffering, longing Isrealite. Read it as an astounded Gentile.  

Christ! The one we had been waiting for is born! But where? Really? How? 

Read it. And be puzzled. Be amazed. Be still. 

Be humbled at the realization that the God who knows all would choose to play out His perfect plan for His own son in this way. We think we know best. We know He does. We struggle to submit, but we'll soon see the answers to our "why"'s. 

Merry Christmas!

Be blessed,