Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Being a Mommy Artist Means...

Ah, being a mommy artist and all it entails--the time management, the fear of not being taken seriously, the freedom of not caring. So what is it like? How has combining my loves affected my creative journey?

Being a mommy artist means...

I paint in spurts.
I paint when someone is sleeping.
I paint when my to-do list hangs over my head.

It means that I get to be home with my kids most of the time.
It means that my husband allows for plenty of work-time that doubles as me-time.

Being a mommy artist...

Causes me to drop the brush just as I get warmed up.
It pushes me to be content with the ride more than the end product.

Being a mommy artist...

Makes the "what do you do?" question super confusing.
It must also cause others to wonder which one I do better, which I'm a professional at.

Being a mommy artist...

Has broadened my view of creating, creativity, and our Creator.
It has helped me shed aires and approach art humbly.
It has guided me towards finding pleasure in what's at hand and commemorating the moment.

Being a mommy artist has also pushed me to make what I do profitable for our whole family, and it has brought hopes of profiting others through the work God flows through my hands.