Friday, December 19, 2014

DIY Christmas Wreath with Kids Art

Looking for a quick DIY with the kiddos over the weekend? We spruced up our growing Christmas card wall with this little wreath we made as a team. The boys painted some of their "non-objective" paintings, and even helped put it together. It worked out to be a good craft for my not-terribly-crafty, active boys.

As usual, it was an impromptu idea. I don't know about you, but as a momma who loves her kids and hates clutter... I don't always know what to do with these--er--practice paintings. And you know how I heart wreaths, so it was an easy idea. 

I cut up the boys' paintings into leaves and berries. To add interest and a slightly polished touch, I also cut up coordinating scrapbook paper leaves. 

The circle in the background is mat board. Use a pretty scrapbook paper, and make it more sturdy with a little cardboard backing if necessary. 

Placing the leaves was the fun part.  There's no real science to this, but we alternated three scrapbook papers to one painted paper. Once the ring was covered, we squeezed on another ring of glue for the second layer. 

It took 2-3 layers to maintain the random look while covering the circle's edges. The fuller your wreath the better!

Add in: the berries. Berries make every wreath better. The color popped and my buddy appreciated that I didn't care about where they were placed.

Finally... and I admit that I still need to do this step... write a little thematic message with a paint pen. {Added here digitally.} Why have I not done this yet? I can't decide what to write! I want it to be meaningful but super short. Any ideas? Comment away!

Below is a short clip of my helper at work... or at least the one that stuck around the longest! 

I bet these would be even more fun with handprint cutouts! {Of course, I get these ideas NOW....}

Merry Christmas weekend!