Friday, December 12, 2014

DIY Paper Gift Boxes

Hi, I'm Lynn Corbin! I discovered Amarilys through her beautiful Instagram feed. Her work is so lovely and colorful, and color is my thing so I was just delighted when she asked me to guest post here! I am a wife and adoptive mom-to-be. Our daughter is in Thailand, and we just can't get there soon enough to bring her home! You can find me over at my blog:

Wrapping gifts is my favorite part of giving so today I wanted to share an easy little tutorial for paper gift boxes that you can make for the littlest gifts. Let's get started!

You will need heavy card stock or patterned paper, a pair of scissors, a ruler, and adhesive to hold the box together (I like to use double-stick tape, but glue or even regular tape will work just fine!)

Decide on the box size you would like to create, and add an inch to all sides.  So for example if I would like my finished box to be 5 inches square, I would cut my card stock 7 inches square. Now you will fold all of your edges in by 1 inch - this creates the sides of your box. 

Cut on the fold marks and fold the little flaps up.

Fold up all the sides. See, it's beginning to look like a box! Tape (or glue) the little square flaps.

I like to use white card stock for the bottom of my boxes so I can save my pretty card stock! To create the bottom part of the box cut your card stock the same dimensions as the top box, but fold your sides up just a tiny bit more than an inch. This will make the bottom box slightly smaller so it will nest inside the top one. That's it! You can vary the measurements however you like, and you don't need a template whenever you need to make one.

Now you can add anything you like to pretty it up! I am loving feathers this year so I cut up an old copy of Sherlock Holmes and turned it into a bunch of feathers. I added a couple felt feathers and tied them together with a piece of string. Little touches can add so much!

Here are a few ways that I've prettied up my gifts this year - maybe they will give you some ideas for yours!

Ruffled crepe paper + Gold ribbon + Felt and paper feathers

Twine + Glitter ribbon + Felt and paper feathers

Ruffled fabric + Glitter ribbon 

Ruffled crepe paper + Pom pom trim +Yarn + Glitter ribbon + Fabric feather + Christmas ornament

Torn fabric strip + Yarn + Pom pom trim + Fabric and paper feathers

Ribbon + Christmas ornament + Fabric and paper feathers

Do I know how to pick 'em or what? I'm sure you enjoyed this beautiful and oh-so-practical post by Lynn! Be sure to check out her regular, lovely posts on adoption, DIY's, and home via her blog.
Keep showing love in the details,