Friday, December 26, 2014

Family Tree

I get these last-minute Christmas ideas no matter how much I try to be ahead of the game. And the little idea forces me to make things likes this watercolor family tree, custom made for Grandma Cleo!

Family trees are a funny sort. They take a jumble of branches and graft them in. It either looks like a dysfunctional mishmash or it melds beautifully to allow the differences to shine like an unexpected floral arrangement. 

{Of course, there's a metaphor to be extended here as most of us were grafted in to the tree of faith in Christ as non-Jewish believers as best explained in Romans 11.}

Remember that you were welcomed in. And when your family may be driving you bonkers this post-Christmas season, we can make something quite beautiful together. 

Besides, if every "branch" were like you... wouldn't that be annoying? God is a master architect and creator. He both made your family come together and he set circumstances into place. Our role is to simply abide

Easier said than done, right? 

Merry [past] Christmas! 

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