Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top 4 of 2014

Curious to know what the most viewed blog posts were? I was! And I was surprised. Here's a lookey-look at those posts, ending with number one: 

#4 Rejected With a Purpose {adoption}
While feeling the tinge of rejection, I realized that it's part of our son's story. But like Jesus' experience with rejection, it had a purpose.

#3 A Time to Mourn {journal}
The sudden passing of a friend and servant leader in our church inspired a reflection on her life. 

#2 So Much Progress {adoption}
Our look back from "Gotcha Day" to the six-week mark with our adopted son, watching his interactions and adaptation.

#1 Her Last Words {watercolor devo}
After hearing her mother's last words as her battle with cancer came to a close, this woman requested this custom piece to commemorate her mother's strong faith.

I don't assume that these stats say that these are my best written blog posts. They really aren't. But they did strike a chord. Two were surrounding mourning, two were related to adoption. You know what that tells me? It says to me that despite the blogging hype to seek out how to have a beautiful house, a happy family, and a better coordinated wardrobe, people want something deeper. They weren't uppity, fun posts, either. And they weren't necessarily wordy. In fact, the most commented-on blog posts are not; they're concise with a few thoughtful words.

This in-depth analysis {wink, wink} is encouraging to me. Though I know it doesn't necessarily go unnoticed, I often get bogged down with wanting to create (write) rich content when in all honesty, I mostly enjoy the painting and the meditating. 

A paradox lies at the heart of my watercolor devo's: I both desire to give potent, scriptural truths some creative interpretation that communicates a deep meaning, and I whole-heartedly embrace the joy in creating devoid of trying to convey a message. Biblical truths, life experiences, heart feelings, soul longings... they can't be fully expressed with any language--audible or visual--but what better thing is there to create? What heart whose eyes are set on grandeur doesn't burst to give it shape and color and praise? That's what I find myself doing and I'm grateful that the work of my hands and the thoughts in my mind can perhaps benefit another fellow pilgrim.

As I've reflected on this year and contemplated my expectations for the next, I've come to a few conclusions:
  • I don't want more activity. I'm maxxed out, and I'm not ready to let go of a spinning wheel yet.
  • I'm adapting to being a mom of two and an adoptive mom. I want to relish and grow in my motherhood... and I'm not sure what that means. 
  • I love what I do--the painting, the sharing, the mom-prenuer-ing--but I'd love to be a wee bit more organized with my time. 

In short, I want to keep truckin' but with a heart full-on what's at hand. My passion for pursuing Christ just the way He made me (with a creative outlook and outlet) is still true. I've got some kinks to work out, but I'm happy to see that you who follow along encourage me to do what I enjoy best.

To 2015!