Friday, January 2, 2015

Humility Comes Before Honor

Proverbs 18:12 in watercolor form: Humility Comes Before Honor
Can I challenge you with a different look on humility, particularly as we look at the new year?

Are we humble in letting God work in our lives instead of orchestrating every last move to get the result we want?
Are we humble in our loving others?
Are we humble enough to say "no" to a request that would be added to an overburdened schedule instead of fearing that the gears of life will stop moving without our all-important input?
Are we humble enough to pray for our children more than trying to control their lives?
Are we humble enough to not be the knockout at the party with the new dress and designer makeup?
Are we humble enough to trust?

Humility comes before honor, and the opposite of humility often covers a lack of trust. We're so busy looking out for number one--or what number one would most like for another--that we're consumed with what we want, what could be, and what we see is best. We are not self-forgetful, we are self-righteous. The pride of man runs deep.

Let's ask God to forgive of us for our lack of humility, and we will be honored while He is.

Have a great weekend,