Monday, January 26, 2015

One Floral: Two Paintings

Reference photo from Primary Petals' Instagram account
I used this same reference picture to paint both of the watercolor florals below. The first was painted in February of last year, the last was painted a few days ago. I love to look at how my painting skills compare--and by love I mean care with much anxiety--to see if they've improved. Having these two paintings from the same floral photo rendered almost exactly a year apart makes the game more fun! 

I've done this before and I came to the same conclusion: my strokes are looser. It makes me wonder if instead of flowers we'll see colorful blobs in two more years! I appreciate both paintings, but the color sensitivity and composition of the latter is best in my eyes.

Some aspects that haven't changed are the random design motifs. The placed lines, dots and splatters are still there to shake it up a bit. Pink still reigns (though orange is giving it a run), as does turquoise. 

The more I paint, the more comfortable I am with what may come out of it. I am always hopeful that my time will produce a finished product to be proud of, but at the time, what reigns is the experience of painting itself. 

I use to stress about what to paint. Will it matter? What am I saying with this painting? Does it do it well? I ended up with a lot of pieces that were, well, trying too hard. The day I started painting beauty because it moved me and needed to be commemorated (or communicated) just the same, a whole world of possibilities opened up. My creative energy felt a bit more freed and my joy in creating increased. Painting flowers might not change the world or stop someone in their tracks at the museum, but these girls seem to have a strong voice. Flowers have been painted for ages, and who can resist color and organic shapes?

God has made some irresistibly beautiful things. 

Keep painting,