Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Big News!

Introducing Watercolorful Weddings--a fine art take on invitations to your event of a lifetime! You may have already heard me talk about this new venture or maybe even started following the Instagram account by the same name, but it is too big of news to not share on my very own blog {for crying out loud}! 

Why did I choose to launch this site?

It was all very natural. A friend mentioned I should and I thought, "wait. I had thought about doing that before. Duh! Yes." And that was it! (Wouldn't you love to live in my astute brain?) Wedding work fits in a nice sweet spot for me: it is a step between popular illustration on, say, greetings and a step down from often-stuffy fine art paintings.  

So what is Watercolorful Weddings and what sets it apart?

Let me tell ya... But first, basics. These are fine art watercolor invitations and related stationary that not only elevates your invite to a work of art, you can choose to make the invitation itself a piece that your invitees can frame! We offer Premium Print Backs--full on artwork on the back that is printed to the same, high quality standard as my Watercolor Devo prints. I've created artwork exclusively for this line. 

The quality of the artwork is something I take very seriously. As you know, I don't fear getting cute with my illustration work, but not with this line. I've seen much watercolor work on wedding invitations. Watercolorful Weddings artwork is a bit different, it leans more towards a skilled painterly approach. If you prefer a mainstream, cute approach with watercolor washes in the background or simple motif-like flowers, the designs are out there! These, however, are not generated quickly to please the masses and follow trends. Each invitation is a limited edition--hundreds of brides will not be spreading the same invite to their guest lists--they have their day and move on, making room for more unique selections.

As mentioned before, Premium Print Backs are a pretty big deal. Why spend so much on invitations that will be thrown away eventually? I started out creating this collection aiming for brides to hear, "your invitation was so beautiful that I wanted to frame it!" But I then wondered, why not frame it? These 5x7 invites are a perfect size for prints that are easy to find frames for. 

Also, once a design is selected, the level of customization is much higher than what you get at most wedding invitation sites. The bride and groom's names are hand-painted and special adjustments can be made pertaining to color and style. 

Check them out for yourself and drop me a note on your thoughts! And head over to the Watercolorful Weddings Facebook page. Hit Like and make me smile. Yes, it's that easy.

I have more plans to refine and expand my offerings. I'll do my best to update you here. 

Thank you for your kind support!