Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Created for Heaven

What will heaven be like? A place of continual joy, of divine companionship, a glad reunion, and of meaningful service. See--sketching during the preaching is very good for my edification!

Have you been following with the church sketches I've been posting from our Created series? Here's what you may have missed: some notes and typography sketching for Created In God's Image and Created for Creativity and what I found to be a key quote in Created to Enjoy God, the Westminister Catechism. This third installment--Created for Heaven--shouldn't be called a church sketch. It's just not fair. Though I sketched the outlines of these shapes during the sermon (we've addressed how that's okay, right?!) with the main points intertwining, I painted them in later. 

Never thought of heaven in these types of colors and shapes? Good. That's what I was going for. The new heaven and new earth has little to do with clouds, harps, and floating. I intentionally strayed from blues... though those shapes do appear to be in mid-air. I'm not campaigning for you to envision heaven in orange and purple, but I do think that we need to un-brainwash ourselves of misconceptions we've carried from Looney Toons and All Dogs Go to Heaven. As I mentioned in my post before this onethe new earth where we will reside is described as a lush, restored Eden where God is primo. All as it should be. 

Maybe this would all make a lot more sense if you heard the sermon, available here

I'm hoping that this #watercolordevo Wednesday has a lot of sun and a bit of rest in store. How about you?

Keep painting,