Saturday, March 7, 2015

What My Week Looked Like

People are often curious about what an artist's life is like. How do you make money at art? How much of your time goes toward creating? And how much goes to... everything else? I thought it would be fun to sometimes give you a rundown at the end of the week to give you a peek into my messy life. 

Let me set the stage with a few facts: 
I am (mostly) a stay-at-home mom of two toddler boys that are three and four. As if that's not enough of work, my creative passion overtakes me and I've had to delegate fixed times to get said creative work done. "Work" includes painting, blogging, corresponding, and online shop management. Or if it helps you understand, you can take it from my boys' vantage point; to them, mommy's work time is when I'm on the computer, in my office or can't be around. If my youngest sees me with a brush in my hand, a laptop in front of me or with keys in hand without mentioning that he needs to get his Minnesota snow boots on, he informs everyone, "mommy needs to work!" I work about 2-5 hours a day.

Apart from client meetings and the occasional event, I work from home in my studio. It's the bedroom furthest from the noise of whatever is going on downstairs. I have the privilege of working from home as I fill requests from my bosses--my clients with custom orders, my illustration agency reps, or my harshest boss... me. 

Morning: Worked on table number and program designs for a Watercolorful Weddings client
Midday: Painted a puckery promo for a friend who is a Beauty Counter consultant
Afternoon: Digitally prepped and blogged "Grace"
Evening: Painted corresponding programs for Watercolorful Weddings

Morning: Worked on table number and program designs for a Watercolorful Weddings client
Midday: Pick up prints at the printer's
Afternoon: Packaging, printing to prep for...
Evening: Watercolorful Weddings potential client meeting

Afternoon: Designed a greeting card line
Blogged "Created for Witness"

Total mommy day, other than some emailing and such
Evening: Calligraphy class in Minneapolis

Morning: Painted large portrait commission, prep order for shipping
Midday: Another run to the printers
Afternoon: Client emails and bookkeeping

Painting large portrait commission

Getting a better picture, yet? Let me know if this was a fun read and I'll post more weeks to come. 

Enjoy your Sunday and keep painting,