Monday, April 6, 2015

God Makes Families

Every time I received another approval in our adoption process, I painted a bit of this piece. I imagined it would be a way to welcome our adopted son, but this 33x20" wasn't finished until after his arrival home. What I thought was yet another loose end that I had hoped would be nicely tied before the long-awaited Gotcha Day, was perfectly incomplete. 

It wasn't until months after Silas arrived that his dad and I saw a certain little animal exemplified on his cute little face--he's our little koi fish. I added the koi and the corner details, and it was finally done! Much to my dismay, Silas never said, "what the heck, mom?! I thought you'd have this ready for my arrival!" So all turned out well. {Exhale.} 

Other symbolic motifs are the amaryllis flower (my namesake), foliage I've found here in Minnesota and Chinese bamboo. 

My vision is to hang portraits of our littles underneath. Someday. Someday.

Keep painting (in bits if needed),