Thursday, May 7, 2015

May Headlines

May Headlines: Art-A-Whirl, Surtex, Prints on Panels, Watercolorful Wedding feature and New Reception Offerings &
Spring is my second-busiest season, second to Christmas. And I'm loving it! I think by just a gander of the *sampling* of work above, you can see how my hands have stayed busy. 

On the illustration side--Surtex swiftly approaches at mid-month. Time to sell half of my year's worth of work to distributors! See my work at booth #223.

In the shop--I'm hammering out details for reprinting the Floral Dames in large scale on canvas or panel. Small 6x6 panels are up for sale!

With Watercolorful Weddings--I'll be featured in a full spread of a magazine! I'll announce when it's available. In the meantime, I'm beefing up my reception offerings with wedding programs and table numbers.

Art Sale--at Art-A-Whirl in Minneapolis. I'll be offering many originals. I only do this once a year. Much matting and wrapping. I'll be above Indeed Brewing.

Over it all, some time of evaluation. While Spring is my season to amp up, the activity serves to evaluate help me where I'm headed. Will my tiredness indicate some changes? Or will my excitement lead away? I've peeled away from the blog a bit as I collect some thoughts and, well, work! 

My pulse, as always, is on Instagram if you'd like to check in to see if I'm alive. 

Keep painting!