Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Own Summer Break

Well, hello, long-awaited post! I miss blogging. But I learned a little something during my accidental-turned-intentional furlow. 

Two crazy factors have kicked in: 

A. So, I've been suddenly in the throws of teaching! I just wrapped up art camp last week at Autumn Ridge, I'm teaching a few private art lessons a week, and I'm wrapping up on filming my first online class. For those local to Rochester, Minnesota, you can find a little schedule on my website. Most people handle it all in person, but it'll give you an idea of the slots available, etc. 

Art camp & the online class are all their own blog post. I'm trying to be more concise because....

B. I found that I'd rather be doing my work and living some life over reporting it. In the end (or first and foremost?), I'm a creative that likes to create. I also do very much enjoy blogging, but I've allowed myself to enjoy summer without asking myself if it's a "blogging day." I'm going to have to lighten up on my M/W/F regiment if I want to maintain this outlet! I'm processing a few questions as I aim to keep this blog from going stale while feeling free to do what needs to be done. 

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Summer is altogether its own fun beast. In cold places like this, all the more so. I've really enjoyed the extra sunshine and mediocre dinners that this mom whips up at the last minute. The prints that I'm now making available in my shop scream some things that I love about summer--fresh fun, home projects, family. They have a light air about them with some heartfelt, yummy messages. 

Thank you for continuing to follow. Relish in some heat and water with me, and I'll keep you posted. 

And of course, keep painting,