Monday, November 2, 2015

New Class! Make It Fun, Make It Sell: Dive Into Commercial Illustration

I went to school for illustration. And I wish I had had a class like this. It doesn't cover the gamut of what it is to be an illustrator--there's no way one could cram all of that into under an hour of video classes--but it covers the keys I lean on to propel my work. They're three simple gears, but the crux is this: make it fun! Art viewers want to be enveloped in the artwork, taken to a different reality, perspective, tickled and challenged. In the illustration world where art is consumed frequently and quickly, it boils down to a taste of whimsy and beauty. Don't underestimate these two; they hold the everyday joys we need a regular taste of throughout our day. That's why I call illustrators the unsung heroes that bring happy to our everyday lives. 

See what I mean here: 

Ready? Get a free pass to my class! First ten to enroll with this link get in free!

It's been fun to be an online teacher. Don't be deceived, I don't throw these videos up and then go take a forever-long nap. I comment, discuss, and follow along. It's a joy to watch students discover a new skill while discovering potential in themselves. 

Enjoy! And thank you for sharing my quirky passions with me.
Keep painting,