Monday, February 1, 2016


The creative mind is often too much for even a creative to grapple with. That's how I've felt. I've got a million projects I'd love to do, but I'm very careful about my time what with the littles around. I also realize that my insatiable hunger is just that: insatiable. So I try not to fill it tirelessly. That never ends all that well anyway. 

At the beginning of the new year, I decided to finish up projects I've given some dabs at here and there.  I'd grab a new project and barely touch those plates so that they'd keep spinning--however slowly--while I tackled something urgent, quick, and... well... lucrative. It's not that I despise these projects, it's just that they take time to develop and progress can be difficult to see with much ahead. It's time to wrap them up. 

But the temptations kept looming. The quick, little projects, and class that's right up my alley, the art challenges on Instagram. (Oh, and now I'm dabbling with Periscope.) Gracious! I was feeling discouraged on both ends. I saying no to work that sounded fun and I was feeling uncreative, envious as I watched others pump out gorgeous work... the work I wanted to do. 

The week before last in mid-January was a schlump. I was yawning at my own work and stumped when I sat at my desk. Yes, the #artschlump. And then, as I tried to pick myself back up, I went for whatever. I was home sick but painted whatever because it wasn't a "work day." I wasn't going to show anyone. I was barely paying attention to what I was painting as I watched Iris, a documentary on the fashion icon. The goal was to relax and explore.

I think the finished product was a gift from God. He knew how to encourage me. He gave me wild color ideas and inspired my brush's flow. I found the final product to be so beautiful. So much so that I created three more... on the kitchen table, while watching the oldest, during nap time. 

I'm so grateful for my latest burst!